Why Spray Foam Insulation Is A Better Investment Over Other Insulations

Over the last year due to Covid, we have seen an explosion in the home improvement industry. Everyone has been fixing up their homes to make sure that their home/workspace is as comfortable as it is for them to relax, work and entertain due to not being able to go anywhere. Most home improvements are a no-brainer to make such as putting new windows in or a new HVAC system, but one of the most difficult home improvements to invest in is one that you cannot see, such as spray foam insulation. Although spray foam insulation can’t be seen it is the backbone to making sure that you are warm in the winter and cold in the summer, with that being said most ask if the additional upfront cost is worth it. Well, the short answer is that spray foam is the king when it comes to choosing to insulate your home between fiberglass, cellulose, or spray foam. Here are three reasons why you should choose to go with spray foam insulation over other types of insulation. 

Environment Quality

There are many reasons why spray foam insulation is the king when it comes to insulation, but the biggest one is its air barrier properties. These properties allow us to seal your home's building envelope tightly. In doing so 90% of people feel that their home has less dust, 88% have noticed fewer allergens, 82% have noticed a reduction of noise pollution, and an 86% reduction in bugs/critters from entering their home.

Durability & Maintainability

While Fiberglass and Cellulose insulation work they do not perform to the levels that spray foam insulation does. This is due in part to it forming to the surface it is applied to. This ultimately increases a building’s resistance to wind uplift and pressurization resistance. Spray foam also increases the racking strength of a structure by two to three times (NAHB study) and has been classified by FEMAas highly resistant to floodwater damage. Finally, unlike its competitors, once it has been applied and cures to the proper hardness spray foam will not sag or settle, which means that your structure will be airtight and not allow the loss of energy or allow for outside factors to penetrate.

Energy Efficiency

While spray foam insulation may have a higher upfront investment it is truly worth it. Based on a case study conducted by Icynene, two homes were insulated, one with R-38 fiberglass and the other with R-20 spray foam. The takeaway from this case study was that the home insulated with fiberglass allowed hot and cold air to escape due to sagging. This ultimately resulted in their HVAC system having to work harder and longer to make their home comfortable. This equated to the homeowners having to spend more money on their utility bills. The home that had been insulated with spray foam insulation saw little to no loss of hot and cold air, this was due in part to the air barrier properties within spray foam insulation. Because of this, they saw a dramatic increase in the energy efficiency of their home and a 40% savings year over year on their energy bills.


It can be difficult to decide to insulate your home with spray foam insulation over fiberglass or cellulose due to their attractive price points, but as always some tradeoffs must be heavily considered, specifically, do I want to spend less money in the short term to be somewhat comfortable a portion of the year and spend more money or do I want to spend more money upfront and be comfortable all the time and see a reduction in my utility bills, which in turn takes more burden off your wallet and allows you to do more with your family or with your hobbies. Regardless of which you choose insulation will make a dramatic difference in your life, give us a give us a call at 1-845-361-1110 to learn more and even schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our expert Insulation Specialists today! 

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