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Encapsulating And Insulating A Crawl Space - Dingmans Ferry, PA

This homeowner called Foamco because their home was freezing during the winter and their utility bills were extremely high. For the longest time they could not figure out what the cause was. That was until they said enough is enough and decided to reach out to us. 


Upon our inspection of their crawl space, we realized that there were two reasons why their home was cold and their bills were so high. The culprit was that they had exposed walls and an exposed gravel floor. The other culprit was that their rim joist and sill plate had a decent size gap. Because of these two issues, cold air could penetrate their crawl space and travel upstairs due to the stack effect. 


To resolve the issues, we sprayed two inches of closed-cell spray foam on the crawl space walls, rim joist, and sill plate. By applying two inches of spray foam we achieved an R-value of fourteen. Once completed, we encapsulated the crawl space with our CleanSpace vapor barrier. Our vapor barrier will not only keep their home warm in conjunction with their spray foam, but will also brighten the space and make it more comfortable to crawl around.


Since completing this project the homeowners have noticed a tremendous increase in the comfort levels of their home and a reduction in their utility bills. They wish that they had completed this project sooner than later so they could start to reap the rewards sooner. They could not have been any more pleased with how their project turned out.  

Insulating A Substation Firehouse - Dingmans Ferry, PA

The Deleware Township fire department recently decided to remove and replace the roof of the substation that houses their vehicles. During this process, they realized that their building was not up to the insulation code. Also, they discovered that it was not as energy efficient as they thought. Because of this, they reached out to us to see how we could help not only seal the thermal envelope of the building but help them to save money on their monthly bills. 


Because of this, they needed to insulate the walls and the ceiling. In doing so the thermal envelope of the building would be tightly sealed and provide the most comfort and savings. We applied eight inches of open-cell spray foam to the ceiling. In doing so, we achieved an r-value of R-33. Once done, our team moved on to insulating the walls. The walls we applied six inches of open-cell on the exterior walls, which allowed us to achieve an r value of R-24. Finally, before cleaning up, we applied our intumescent coating as a Thermal Barrier.


From their first contact with the company to the completion of their project, they were impressed by our professionalism and expertise. They could not be any happier with how their project came out. 

Insulating A Gutted Home From Top To Bottom With Closed And Open-Cell Spray Foam - Dingmans Ferry, PA

These homeowners approached us with a unique vision for their new home. After purchasing the property, they embarked on a complete renovation project to transform it into a personalized space. Recognizing the importance of energy efficiency in their location, they took proactive steps to ensure their home was optimized in this regard. They began by installing energy-efficient windows and implementing various other measures. To further enhance the energy efficiency of their home, they sought the expertise of Foamco. Our team provided comprehensive insulation services to address their needs. We initiated the process by applying six and a half inches of closed-cell spray foam to the roof. This was followed by the application of five inches of open-cell spray foam into the wall cavities. Finally, we sprayed three inches of closed-cell spray foam into the floor joists of their crawl space. The impact of our work was evident immediately. The homeowners experienced a noticeable improvement in comfort within their home. Additionally, they were pleased to observe a reduction in noise from the compressors running on our equipment. This insulation project has not only enhanced their living conditions but also empowered them to continue their home renovation endeavors. By entrusting Foamco with their insulation needs, these homeowners have taken a significant step towards creating an energy-efficient, comfortable, and environmentally-conscious living space.

Insulating A New Construction Home With Closed-Cell Spray Foam - Shohola, PA

Foamco has been the trusted partner of this contractor for years, servicing various construction projects across the Hudson Valley area and Pennsylvania. Our exceptional quality of workmanship and the strong relationship we've built with him make it an easy decision for him to choose Foamco as his go-to contractor for spray foam insulation in his new constructions.

After completing the construction of his new home and installing all electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and other lines, the client contacted us for comprehensive insulation services from top to bottom.

Our process starts with preparing the framing to accept closed-cell spray foam. We then expertly apply the foam to the floors, walls, ceiling, and attic of the home, ensuring maximum insulation coverage.

We take pride in achieving the highest insulation levels for your home. After applying closed-cell spray foam to every corner of the house, we attained an impressive R-value of 38. To ensure that the contractor can apply sheetrock easily, we roughly trimmed the excess foam and then finished it off by hand. And for added safety, we applied an intumescent coating to create a thermal barrier, ensuring that there would be no issues in case of a fire.

We always strive to exceed expectations, and our work with this contractor was no exception. We completed the project ahead of schedule, and the client was extremely satisfied with the results. It is always a pleasure to work with clients who appreciate our dedication to quality workmanship. We look forward to collaborating with this contractor on future builds and continuing to provide exceptional insulation services. 

Roof slopes sprayed in Barryville NY

This homeowner wanted us to spray his roof slopes with open cell spray foam. Here you can see our crew's beautiful work. 

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