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We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized in Orange County, NY.

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Spraying Closed And Open Cell Insulation and More - Monroe, NY

This homeowner contacted Foamco originally to help them solve their energy efficiency problems, but once we arrived and assessed their home we realized that they had multiple issues due to the size of the home, as well from how it was built originally. Some of the issues that we encountered with this home were severe humidity in the basement, which ultimately rotted out the box beams, a radon level of 10 pcl/i, and loss of energy both throughout the entire home, as well the attic.

In order to remedy these problems we installed two BasementAire dehumidifiers due to the square footage of the basement to remove the severe humidity and provide comfort back into the home. We fixed the rotted box beams where they needed to be repaired due to rotting from the humidity. We installed a radon system to help fix their radon problem and ultimately lowered their pci/l from 10 to 3. We sprayed the box beams with closed cell foam and both the attic slopes with open cell spray foam insulation all to help with the stack effect and increase efficiency.

In the end after perfomring all this work we were able to bring the home back to its former glory of being a comfortable home. The homeowner is extremely happy with the work that we performed and loves how much better his home now performs. 

Spraying Closed And Open Cell Insulation and More - Monroe, NY - Photo 1Spraying Closed And Open Cell Insulation and More - Monroe, NY - Photo 2Spraying Closed And Open Cell Insulation and More - Monroe, NY - Photo 3Spraying Closed And Open Cell Insulation and More - Monroe, NY - Photo 4
Insulating Two Homes ON One Property

This homeowner called us about two separate homes on her property. Both were built in the late 30s, and early 40s. They both had insulation installed in the basement on the exterior walls. Because of the type of insulation that was used the insulation was non-existent in the basement, as well the rest of the home did not have any insulation in it. Because of this we ripped out and replaced the existing insulation with spray foam insulation and applied it as well to the entirety of the home. In doing this we tightened the thermal envelope of her homes and make them extremely comfortable. 


Making A Furnace More Efficient With Spray Foam

This homeowner called us because their furnace just kept on running and they couldn't deal with the high utility bills anymore. Because of this, they ended up having us insulate their home. In doing so their heating bills dropped dramatically and their furnace now only kicks on when they need it. 


Insulating An Attic

This homeowner's attic had a lot of condensation in it, and because of that, his mechanicals had to work extremely hard to keep up with keeping the home comfortable. Because of this, he decided enough is enough and that he needed a professional company to review his attic and provide him with a proposal of solutions. To fix the issue at hand we sprayed open-cell spray foam on the entirety of his attic and around his mechanical. By doing this we were able to alleviate the strain on his mechanicals, as well as reduce the strain on his wallet. 

Insulating And Encapsulating A Crawl Space

These homeowners had been living with their current situation for several years and finally decided to take care of the issues at hand. Before contacting Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley they did their research on multiple companies including ours, but what really put us over the edge with them was that a friend recommended us to them due to previous work that we had done for them and a friend of a friend. 


Immediately when our Specialist entered their crawl space he knew that they were going to need a lot of work done to improve the thermal envelope of the space as their crawl space was not encapsulated and they had almost non-existent insulation.


In order for us to remedy the problems at hand and to make their home more comfortable we encapsulated the entirety of their crawl space and crawl space walls with CleanSpace. We then hand-cut, calked, and installed insulation throughout all the floor joists, finally we installed a Basementaire Dehumidification system to take care of the humidity. 


Looking at it after the project was completed you would not think that they were the same crawl space, they even said "it's so nice down there now we could have a sleepover down there". Since doing this the homeowner has been so happy to know that their home is comfortable again and that they have a functional space.

Insulating Stone Walls With Closed- Cell Spray Foam - Goshen, NY

The homeowner was struggling with high utility bills for her home and barn, which were built in the late 1930s or early 1940s. The thermal envelope was inefficient, causing heat loss and high energy consumption.

Upon inspection of the homeowner's properties, our team discovered a major issue. Both her home and barn were losing significant amounts of energy due to their stone walls and rim joists lacking insulation altogether. This created an open thermal envelope, allowing cold air to flow from downstairs to upstairs, making the living space uncomfortable and causing high energy bills.

To resolve this issue, Foamco took a comprehensive approach. Firstly, we protected the mechanicals in the homeowner's basement and prepared the area for spray foam insulation. We then applied two inches of closed-cell spray foam to the interior of the stone foundation walls, followed by three inches of closed-cell spray foam to their rim joists. This meticulous approach enabled us to fully seal the thermal envelope of the home, preventing any further energy loss.

The results of the project were truly remarkable. The homeowner noticed a significant improvement in the comfort level of their home, with stable indoor temperatures and no more drafts or cold spots. The most impressive benefit, however, was the dramatic drop in their utility bills.

Thanks to the comprehensive insulation solution provided by Foamco, the homeowner now enjoys improved air quality and a more energy-efficient living environment. They are thrilled with the outcome of the project and wish they had completed it years ago. At Foamco, we take pride in delivering solutions that provide both immediate and long-term benefits to our clients.

Insulating Stone Walls With Closed- Cell Spray Foam - Goshen, NY - Photo 1
Insulating A New Rental Property With Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation - Newburgh, NY

After acquiring the multi-family home, the new owners made the bold decision to completely renovate it from the ground up. They embarked on a comprehensive overhaul that involved framing, wiring, and various other tasks. Once these crucial initial steps were completed, they enlisted the services of Foamco for insulation installation, a pivotal aspect of their investment property enhancement.

Our project commenced by meticulously clearing the area of all debris. Following this, we strategically placed plastic barriers on the ground, around mechanical components, and windows to ensure that no spray foam would inadvertently reach these sensitive areas. With the groundwork set, our insulation process began with a focus on the roof.

Having established the necessary preparation, our expert team expertly applied a substantial 12" layer of Open Cell Foam to the underside of the roof. This application yielded an impressive R-value of 49, greatly enhancing the energy efficiency of the structure. Progressing from the roof, we extended our insulation efforts to the exterior walls, targeting the space between the third-floor ceiling and the roof. Here, we skillfully added a 5.5" layer of Open Cell Foam, resulting in an R-value of 22.

The outcome of this project is not only a testament to the owners' commitment to comprehensive renovation but also a strategic investment in the property's future. With these renovations in place, the property is primed for rental, boasting improved energy efficiency that translates to lower utility costs. Moreover, the home's occupants will enjoy a heightened level of comfort. These meticulous improvements position the property as an attractive option in the rental market while ensuring a sustainable, cost-effective operation.

Insulating A New Rental Property With Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation - Newburgh, NY - Photo 1
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